Personal insights

During a lifetime one can run into several important questions about talents, restrictions, options on all kind of levels and astrology can give you the answers. Astrology studies how a person’s actions and decisions are influenced by the movements of the planets in the Universe. In a horoscope you can find all kind of details in a positive and constructive way and insights are given about specific details and questions. Astrology is not only about the 12 signs which are described underneath but all kind of other points are used to provide you with the needed details. If you see a horoscope as a kind of clock with a division of 12 hours (houses) and signs there is already a complicated picture coming up. Next to this there are also 10 planets and their connections with houses, signs and other planets. Not to forget all kind of specific points like the nodes, lucky point, Black Moon, Centaurs and fixed stars – too much influence to mention in a nut shell.