Astrology studies how a person’s actions and decisions are influenced by the movements of the planets in the Universe.  What I try to accomplish with my astrological work is quite simple, I would like to give important insights about talents and restrictions of a personality in order to help them develop their character to the best potential. The Forces of the Universe give all the needed information to find these insights. It is never only the sun with the basic information of the 12 signs. The Sun does give some major details but there are more planets and of course there is the influence of the Moon. Next to these factors there is a division of 12 houses with their individual information and there are so much more points in a horoscope, giving all kind of details about a character. Beside all the information, there are also a few ways to make different horoscopes:

Personal Horoscope

I can develop a complete character sketch of a person when I have the exact time, day and place of birth.

Year Horoscope

I can make a year horoscope which shows how a person is influenced by the actual location of the planets in the period between two birthdays. Divided in two sections, the progressive and solar horoscope. This allows the person to recognise and deal with issues and problems more effectively.

Combined Horoscope

It is also possible to make a combined horoscope, called a synastry involving two people. This study reveals how the two people may work, live, love and/or fight together and on the other hand it shows how other people may experience your co-operation.

Childrens Horoscope

For children I always make a shorter version of the character sketch for an important reason: I will always treat detailed personal astrological information with the greatest confidentiality! It is however good for parents to understand where their child can find its relaxation or what talents could be developed best. Also the combination between parents and a child can be studied, but again without ever revealing intimate personal details to the others.
The end product of my analysis is a complete booklet showing the astrological profile of the person. These booklets are often experienced as a genuine eye-opener and people are found to turn to the written information again and again. Sometimes details in the analysis are only understood at a later date after a period of new experiences.

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