My philosophy is quite simple, spreading the Reiki Energy by teaching people to help themselves and others with this Universal Energy. I prefer to teach a small and motivated group of (max 4) people with which we can have a rather intense course in order to be able to support and give the necessary personal attention to them.
My idea of being a master includes the responsibility of supporting pupils and the possibility of communicating through e-mail makes this more than easy. If you are interested in being initiated in the wonderful world of Reiki, please contact me by e-mail so I can explain more details or have a meeting in which we can discuss the possibilities. There will be courses in both Holland and Cyprus but all depends on the period in which I will be present of course –

Reiki 1:

Four of the energy centre, the chakra’s will be activated (initiated)

  • The heart chakra, opens the heart for unconditional love
  • The throat chakra, for developing trust and the subconscious mind
  • The third eye chakra, for developing the intuition
  • The crown chakra for receiving the vibrations of the Reiki Energy

Once activated, the Reiki Energy will always be present and can be used at any time for yourself and others simply by placing the hands on your own or somebody else’s body.
In the Reiki I course, you will be learned how to work on yourself and others and several hand positions will be explained.

Reiki 2:

During the Reiki 2 course, the energy centre in the hands will be activated and three of the symbols will be explained with which Usui worked so efficiently. In this course, the new symbols will be practiced a lot in order to get them completely under control. It is also possible to send Reiki through space, no matter the distance and this will be taught as well during Reiki 2. This course included a personal and spiritual development on all kind of levels and you will never be the same again after experiencing this Reiki 2.

Reiki 3:

The Mastersdegree is not easy to explain, it is more an intense course about living up to Usui’s philosophy and knowing the responsibilities towards pupils than learning the last but absolutely not least symbol, the Master symbol.
Between the Reiki courses there must be a considered period of practicing and spiritual growth before the next step can be taken. It is not just something you do, Reiki is never just something you learn.  Reiki is a way of living with all kind of enriching consequences for your personality. Reiki 3a is divided in 3 workshops involving relaxation and meditation techniques from Mikao Usui, different hand positions and the specific effects – cranial therapy – yin/yang – chakra’s  and the meridians.
If you wish to continue the Reiki 3b path you get all kind of additional information about e.g. gemstones, colours, sounds, Reiki for the Soul and of course you will learn all about being a true Reiki Master