If Reiki is so complete and simple and 100% effective why Are there so many new systems developed?
Through the ages there have always been developments and this is always positive because without this, Dr. Usui would never had the strong urge to find this method in the first place.

Why combined with BodyTalk?
The co-operation with BodyTalk appears to be very positive because it is all about touching the body and the moment Reiki is involved, the energy flows immediately, BodyTalk is about priorities and Reiki is the extra motor behind the end result.

Why combined with Astrology in the ABC courses?
In my courses I will always use the astrological knowledge simply to be able to give more insights about your own abilities and restrictions. Astrology is all about personal insights and with them one can grow on all levels.

Why are there ‘new’ and ‘better’ Reiki courses?
*After many years of experience, some people might get new insights about using their Reiki more effective and they call this ‘new Reiki’ but Reiki is and will always be about “giving the Universal Energy” no matter what you add, or how you call it.

Why is Reiki such a money business?
Dr. Usui’s philosophy was spiritual and all about helping others, not about making money but in these days people sometimes seem to forget about the basic ideas and use this method for their own benefit more than for the benefit of others. Of course there is an exchange of energy called money but this should always be related to the time spent and not to the qualification one gets (or buys).